Brand Successful in Tiktok

TikTok has arrived and is here to stay! If a year ago the app was still at the beginning of its success, today its power is proven, with more than 3 billion downloads worldwide, surpassing the figure that only apps from the Facebook family had reached. Discover our tips and make your brand a success on Tiktok.

With the start of the quarantine, TikTok gained popularity, with more than 26 million Americans using the app, in February 2020. While in the US, brands soon began to define strategies in an attempt to follow their consumers, in Spain and Mexico companies remained reticent.

As the year went by, the social network has also grown in Spain and Mexico, with more than 14 million users in Spain, and more than 19 million people using the app in Mexico, as of June 2020. And it was confirmed! TikTok is bigger than ever worldwide! In the first half of this year alone, it reached 383 million transfers worldwide.

What relevance can Tiktok have for my brand’s communication strategy?

This is a platform that goes far beyond its relevance to Generation Z, it is an important tool that gives you insights about your target audience like no other. And the reality is that, most likely, even if your brand is not directly present, it is already being talked about on Tiktok. So it’s best to have a strong and successful presence.


TikTok released some guidelines for brands to have an impactful image on the social network:

Postings should not look like ads, but rather like TikTok.

Use the Small Business Resource Center for inspiration with successful examples and templates from Vimeo, which has partnered with Tiktok to help small businesses deliver quality content quickly. At Tiktok the key is to create with intention but naturally.

Generate engagement as a user

You need to act like a real user, browsing the social network and interacting with other users and brands… Create a community and chat;

Think Tiktok first

TikTok is a unique social network: engagement between users is much more important than metrics such as brand clicks, as is the case in other social networks.

Build a narrative

To pioneer the topics you bring to the social network, start new conversations;

The last click is not the most important

In Tiktok it is much more important to create and generate engagement with a community that identifies with the brand and then, yes, to achieve that click, much more easily and with a much higher value. If you want to buy tiktok likes, they suggest that you head to their web page.

Bonus tip: look for these successful brands for inspiration: Aerie, GAP, Sour Patch Kids, KFC, Sider’s Woodcrafting, Izola’s Country Cookings, Lala Hijabs.

Speaking of social media: with the success and growth of Tiktok, it’s increasingly important to analyze your brand’s digital presence!