Reiki – The Power Of The Universal Life Energy

Reiki-Basics: Energy transfer with the 1st and 2nd levels of Reiki

The first level of Reiki contains four energy activations, so that Reiki energy is available to the student immediately and for the rest of his life and also without additional training.

He can now not only heal himself, but also heal other people, even animals and plants with the universal vital energy with his hands.

Reiki prayer always adheres to a precisely defined procedure for the application of activated energy.

Upon reaching the first level of Reiki, a certain sequence of hand positions is also taught for daily self-treatment.

Because even those who do not suffer from acute suffering always feel a fresh energy kick through Reiki and revive their body in a fast and natural way.

Reiki is also ideal for reducing stress and relaxing the body, mind and soul. In situations of illness and crisis, however, Reiki builds confidence and removes the feeling of helplessness, as you always have a simple and safe method “at hand” to provide rapid relief.

You can do nothing wrong, because Reiki can never be used to hurt the receiver in any way, but always adapts to the natural needs of the receiver.

Once activated, Reiki energy always flows to areas that need healing, i.e. those that are without energy.

And that is exactly the beauty of Reiki: it cannot be controlled in a manipulative way, but works independently of belief in it or special mental abilities. Learn more and browse around this site via the link.

Another particular advantage of Reiki treatment is that it can be wonderfully combined with other natural healing methods.

Although complete and holistic in itself, it supports the effectiveness of yoga, meditation, fitness, massage techniques, Rolfing, acupressure, meridian techniques, and much more.

In addition, Reiki treatment is a very effective complement to medical treatments. It does not contradict any medication, operation or other medical procedure. Immediately before or after surgery, it is even particularly effective.

Growth takes time

  • Reiki – healing energies
  • Reiki – healing energies

All these advantages can be experienced from the very moment of initiation to the first degree. You can also visit a Reiki practitioner to convince yourself of the beneficial effects of Reiki.

As a general rule, if you are receiving Reiki for the first time, you should have a complete request for at least three consecutive days.

Then, you can extend the intervals between sessions as you wish. Those who have already been initiated at the first level of Reiki but who would like to immerse themselves even more deeply in the material or increase their Reiki power should plan at least three months before being initiated at the second level of Reiki.

This allows the practitioner to let the method work at the mental level (Mental Reiki) or independently of time and space (Fernreiki), as well as techniques for his own growth and development process.

Choose a consultant

Inauguration of the championship

Finally, the third degree of Reiki can be acquired either as a Reiki Master initiation for personal growth, or as a Reiki Teacher diploma to be able to do Reiki initiations yourself.

Between the 2nd and 3rd level of Reiki, it is considered useful to allow at least one year to elapse.

That is why a longer Reiki training is generally useful to be able to teach qualified people and to grow in the task of Reiki Mastery.

The upper five degrees of Reiki contain, among other things, the complete knowledge required to initiate Reiki Masters and to advance one’s own enlightenment. Only a few elected officials receive these new Reiki initiations.

Properties and effects

But in order to experience the many positive effects of Reiki, to promote healing and fullness, and to maintain true well-being at all ages, even the first level of Reiki is generally incredibly effective.

Reiki is both an art and a science, an easy to learn treatment technique and a transformative experience.

In any case, it is one of the most beautiful and gentle methods to activate, direct and apply the natural and universal life force.

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