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Creating a training plan In principle, most sports help you lose weight. A training plan for fat reduction should be put together according to your own possibilities. But there is no point in doing too much yourself if you don’t keep it up in the long run.

Especially people who have not been active in sports in the last years should start cautiously. These include sports that are easy on the joints and not too strenuous, such as swimming and running.

No matter how fit you are, the goal should be to exercise three times a week. The intensity should be increased slowly.

What is the ideal training plan for losing weight?

In order not to lose motivation, a training plan should be designed for each individual.
Training plans on the Internet can only serve as a rough guide, if at all.

In order to successfully reduce weight, you have to create a plan yourself or with a trainer that is oriented to your own circumstances.

Basics for a training plan:

– Current physical condition.
– How much time do I have to train?
– By when do I want to reach my goal?
– Which sports are more fun?
– Can I keep up with the training in the long term?

If you are aware of these basics, you can start to create a training plan.

Design of a training plan

Variety: A too monotonous training plan is usually not kept up for long. For this reason, the sequences should be changed every now and then (other exercises, training equipment or running routes).

Intensity: The intensity is derived from the basics worked out above.

Muscles: All muscle groups should be trained.

Strength training: If you do targeted muscle training, you should do about ten repetitions during each exercise and repeat them three times each time. At the beginning it is recommended to build up the larger muscle groups, later you can also devote yourself to other muscles.

Increase: With increasing efficiency, also the load should be intensified somewhat, in order to produce a corresponding attraction in the body.

Training: Exercises which include several muscle groups at the same time are always to be preferred.

Workload: To lose weight it is important to train at least twice a week.

Time: Regular training, but at least one day break between sessions.

Which sports are best for losing weight?

Sports that involve a large number of muscle groups are best. Slower exercise is an advantage, but it should take longer.

Sports that require speed, such as football, handball, squash and tennis, are more likely to attack the body’s carbohydrate stores than burn fat. Ideal, however, is for example intensive walking, muscle training, running, cycling and swimming.

Running to reduce fat

Running is also a good way to lose weight. Ideally, a training plan should include going jogging at least twice a week. If you combine it with other types of training, you can also treat yourself to a weekly session.
For losing weight, the interval run, in which you increase your speed at regular intervals for a short time, is highly recommended.

Running with longer tempo changes has also proven to be good.
In order to stimulate the metabolism accordingly, one can try to adjust jogging to the ideal training pulse (60-70% of the maximum heart rate).

To the fitness studio for fat reduction

The big advantage in the gym is that it helps you to choose the right exercises. As a rule, a detailed training plan is drawn up for each new member and adapted on an ongoing basis. In doing so, the exact wishes, such as the reduction of body fat, can be taken into account. Exercises that are carried out on pedal machines and treadmills are particularly suitable here.

Muscle exercises are ideal for more experienced users, as the muscles still burn fat after training. In particular, the harmful abdominal fat should be counteracted with appropriate abdominal exercises.

A personal trainer can also be booked for a certain surcharge. This leads a usually one-hour, on the individual needs, co-ordinated training.
Of course one can buy also for at home appropriate devices. Especially beginners tend to make certain mistakes which can lead to physical problems.

Fitness courses in the studio for fat reduction

Deepwork unites the five elements – earth, wood, fire, metal and water -, follows the laws of Yin and Yang, and is a holistic training.
The body will be tightened and unpleasant kilos will disappear. At the same time body and mind come into harmony. With the intensive training, without equipment, it is worked only with the own body weight, changes abruptly tension and relaxation. There is no choreography, but Deepwork is a real challenge for coordination and fitness. At the beginning free of charge: a tidy sore muscles. Super: The expenditure of time is small, because one to two hours of training per week are sufficient.

Step aerobics for a crisp bottom and firm legs

The combination of dance and fitness gymnastics gets your circulation going and is fun. The cool music helps the user to climb the steps. Beginners start at the lowest level of the height-adjustable stepper. But already after a few training units – individually and on own desire – the intensity of the training can be increased rapidly by the choice of a higher level. Great: The arm muscles are also challenged and trained.

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