Air Conditioner Filters Must Be Changed Regularly

Well you have your new air conditioning system set up as well as are extremely happy with your decision to make the financial investment. It was worth every dime and also you have no regrets. To maintain your brand-new a/c unit operating at peak performance for many years you need to begin a regular maintenance program that includes transforming the filter.

This is among one of the most important points you can do to obtain the very best efficiency from your air conditioning and also heating equipment. By changing your a/c unit filter and not allowing it to come to be dirty and limit air flow you will certainly allow the air conditioning system to operate with minimal power intake, minimize the risk of break downs as well as maintain the amount of dust in your house at a minimum.

As the air conditioner filter or heating system filter becomes dirty it will gradually begin to restrict air circulation via the system. A/c unit are designed to have a particular amount of air circulation for each and every lots of air conditioning. Four hundred cfm per lot to be exact. As the filter becomes unclean it will certainly decrease air circulation to the point that air flow drops below these style criteria.

When this happens it develops the effect of low load conditions on the air conditioning system as well as the operating pressures begin to go down. Under typical problems the evaporating temperature level in the system will be above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because this vaporizing temperature is below the area temperature level, and the dew point temperature level, condensation forms on the evaporator coil from the air as it goes through the evaporator coil. This is great due to the fact that it aids maintain a comfy humidity in your home. The condensation drips from the evaporator as well as drains away from the unit.

When an air conditioning system filter becomes filthy sufficient to reduce air circulation, it has the same impact on the system as reduced load problems. When air conditioning equipment runs under reduced tons conditions the evaporator coil can ice up. When ice begins to create, the trouble obtains progressively even worse and at some point a block of ice forms around the evaporator and also there is virtually no air flow. Learn more information on air conditioning repair by clicking here.

The ice forms due to the fact that as the warmth load on the system lessens the vaporizing temperature in the evaporator begins to drop. When the vaporizing temperature decreases listed below 32 degrees Fahrenheit frost begins to base on the evaporator coil.

As frost begins to develop it further reduces the quantity of air circulation as well as the circumstance worsens. As stated before when devices is permitted to run similar to this, eventually the evaporator will end up being a block of ice and the system will need to be switched off as well as allowed to thaw.

If this situation happens it can additionally damage the evaporator to the point where it begins to leak cooling agent and may even need to be changed, which will certainly be extremely costly.

There are other conditions that can create these symptoms however this is just one of the most common. Frost basing on one of the lines appearing of the air handler is an indicator of low air circulation to name a few things. The first thing to do is inspect your a/c unit filter prior to requiring solution.